Our Philosophy

At AMP, we believe deeply in the power of teamwork. We see ourselves as your partner, and we operate like an extension of your team. This approach infuses everything we do, from our collaborative weekly meetings to our detailed marketing plans and transparent work process. We are committed to working closely with your in-house team to leverage all of the hard-won wisdom and expertise that makes your organization unique. The result is a potent combination of expert sales, marketing and industry insight that makes anything possible.

We'll lead the way.


George Andreopoulos

Managing Partner

George is passionate about the work of associations and non-profits. An experienced marketer and relationship-builder, he has spent more than 20 years helping associations and community groups advance their missions. When he’s not busy creating “the best tagline ever,” George is Super Dad to his daughter, an awesome cook and a lover of Ancient Greek history.


Denis Guertin

Managing Partner

Denis has worked extensively in the government and non-profit sectors. He is a dedicated entrepreneur with experience in event planning, marketing and sponsorship development. Before AMP, he spent six years with Canada's Truth and Reconciliation Commission. He loves family, hockey and home renovations. 

Walter Willett

Associate Partner

Walter's career path has been focused on sales and revenue generation with a broad range of experience in the non-for-profit sector, trade associations, organizing conferences, trade shows and music festivals. When he's not closing that next "great opportunity," Walter enjoys spending his time with his family and can often be found by the campfire playing a few tunes on his guitar.

Karen Kleiss

Creative Director

Karen oversees a team of graphic designers, copywriters, social media experts and project managers working together to develop digital and print marketing collateral for our clients. A word nerd at heart, she got her first typewriter at age four and enjoyed an award-winning career as a journalist before joining AMP in 2017.  She is a mom, a cargo biker and a lover of naps.

Catherine Govas

Project Management

Catherine is a business graduate with a flair for organization and a drive to contribute positively. A determined and perceptive project manager, Catherine works hard to ensure AMP client projects run smoothly. She spends her spare time travelling extensively and immersing herself in as many new cultures as possible. 

Laurie Main

Strategic Alliances & Project Management

Laurie's experience includes nine years as an event manager at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. At AMP, she helps our clients build key partnerships that contribute to their growth, while keeping projects working like clockwork. When Laurie's not managing "a gazillion things to do," she's coordinating crazy sport schedules for her two beautiful boys.


Rachael Gass

Marketing Strategy

Rachael has built a career in a variety of roles and industries as a healthcare expert, political winner and marketing guru. She has extensive experience in the non-profit world and served as a political operative prior to her roles at John’s Hopkins Hospital and the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy. While rooting for her alma mater, you'll to find her scarfing down as much MD blue crab as possible while washing it down with a good local brew.

Aarielle Courtney

Web & Graphic Design

Aarielle is a graphic and web designer who specializes in designs that pack a serious punch. She couldn’t even colour in the lines as a child, which thankfully developed into an eye for creative, minimalist material that gets attention for all the right reasons. She currently travels Canada in an old trailer she fixed up with her fiancé, enjoys eating, very much, and has an unhealthy obsession with Dr. Who. And yes, the 11th Doctor is the best. Geronimo!

Cornelius Quiring

Web & Graphic Design

Cornelius is a web and graphic designer with experience developing visual messaging across a variety of industries. His various career experiences and opportunities have allowed him to come full circle, and he now teaches part-time in the graphic design program at the college he attended: Humber College. In his free time, his is learning how to sew his own clothes.

Ashleigh Sager

Sales Specialist

Having worked with the likes of Helms Briscoe and Four Seasons Hotels, Ashleigh has connected many people to events and hotels globally. She has a proven record of consistently exceeded sales targets and being a top performer of her team. Ashleigh loves the adventure of traveling to new places but also loves spending time at home with her husband and lil Bichon Toby.

Amanda Freeman


Amanda is a beach bum at heart, a reader by nature and a writer by passion. Armed with the belief that exceptional storytelling can change lives, Amanda uses her skill to help businesses and nonprofits improve their brand messaging, build customer loyalty and make a difference in the world. When she’s not busy being a #girlboss, you can find Amanda with her nose in a book, camping, singing the praises of wind energy or exploring Florida’s beaches with her mini.

Micaela (Miko) Lopez

Market Research

Miko is a seasoned sales and operations professional with more than 15 years experience. Miko is the driving force behind much of AMP's market research projects, relentless in her pursuit for the data that can help our clients grow. When she's not making small work of "Big Data", Miko is an avid Playmobil collector and loves creating Playmobil scenarios to play with her son.


Janet Walsh

Market Research

Janet is passionate about standing up for those who need help and a voice. Her many years working for a higher education institution has given her diverse experience and has enriched her life. Janet is an important member of AMP's market research team, helping us find the opportunities that help our clients grow. Janet is a mom to two amazing people, whom she's very proud of.

Rick McMullin

Technology Solutions

Rick is CTO and co-founder of bitHeads, inc., AMP's technology partner. Rick has over 30 years experience in the architecture and development of both mobile and enterprise applications. When he's is not checking out the latest tech news he can be found laying down the hammer in curling, making that perfect putt in golf or scoring that golden goal in hockey.