The Opportunity

Three of North America's most important communications associations had decided to merge, and their leaders came to us for help in building meaningful consensus around a new association name and brand identity that embodied the spirit of the new organization. The National Association for Print Leadership, the National Association of Quick Printers and the American Association of Marketing Service Providers represented the complete supply chain of industrial and commercial printers, mailing houses, and marketing fulfillment companies. We had our work cut out for us. 

Marketing for a connected world.


The Approach & Results

We began with a series of interviews with stakeholders from each association, and then spoke directly with members of the combined board. The goal was to find the common thread between the three organizations. After capturing feedback and reviewing a host of additional material, we then conducted focus groups with members and non-members of each of the three organizations.

Following a highly disciplined process, we were able to identify key attributes of the new brand that had the potential to secure broad consensus. Our work culminated with the successful adoption of a brand story, brand promise, and brand statement, as well as a new name for the organization: EPICOMM.

The EPICOMM brand was launched with great success in the fall of 2014.

"AMP was instrumental in helping our three organizations build consensus around a new name and brand identity for our newly merged association."

 Ken Garner - Chief Executive Officer, EPICOMM