The Opportunity

The Warehousing Education and Research Council (WERC) is a North American association that represents and supports the people who store and move the things we use every day. The organization's leadership reached out to AMP after having experienced a drop in attendance at their 2016 Annual Conference. They asked us to help increase the number of attendees and sponsors at their next annual event, which was scheduled to take place the following year at the Fort Worth Convention Centre in Texas, in May 2017. 


We reversed the trend.

Our Approach


Our unique project team approach allowed us to get up to speed fast and to function like an extension of WERC’s own internal team. Working together, we led the development of a marketing strategy that focused on issues that really matter to people working in North America's warehousing and logistics industry. We tied these key issues into WERC's education program and got the message out through multiple channels including social media, email, direct mail, partnership marketing and web marketing. We reversed the trend, and WERC is growing again.

"AMP has been an excellent partner in helping WERC realign its convention and membership marketing efforts."

 Michael Mikitka - Chief Executive Officer, Warehousing Education and Research Council
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