Virtual Event Management

Organizers for this established, industry-leading trade show needed to transition from in-person to online during the COVID-19 pandemic. The AMP team delivered two very successful virtual events, followed by a smooth transition back to in-person.


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Integrated Attendance Marketing Campaign, Virtual Event Management


The Canadian Security Association (CANASA) is a national not-for-profit association that represents the Canadian security industry. The organization boasts more than 1,000 member organizations across all industry sectors and all Canadian provinces. As part of its commitment to education, advocacy and leadership, CANASA hosts the country’s leading trade shows in three distinct markets: Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto.

An Urgent Pivot

The COVID-19 pandemic forced this long-time client to pivot very quickly from in-person to virtual, or risk an important revenue stream for the organization. Our AMP associates tackled this challenge head-on, transitioning all of the organization’s trade shows in the space of a few months and delivering high-quality virtual events that allowed businesses to continue networking and growing throughout the pandemic.

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Agile Delivery in Challenging Circumstances

The demands placed on our team for assigning virtual space, preparing exhibitor and sponsor briefings, managing education sessions and ensuring sponsorship fulfillment was significant. The events — the largest virtual security trade shows held in Canada – were positively received by attendees, exhibitors, CANASA board members and stakeholders.

AMP continues to refine CANASA’s marketing by targeting expanded audiences and building on our relationships with media organizations and partnerships with like-minded associations that allow us to amplify our client’s voice. We’ve also worked alongside CANASA to clean their databases to improve email deliverability.

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