Sponsorship & Exhibit Sales

Wrap-around sponsorship and sales support helps mission-driven organizations build an irresistible value proposition that attracts high-value sponsors and exhibitors who come back year after year. That means sustainable, repeatable revenue generation for your organization, now and for years to come.

Strategic sponsorship means understanding why sponsors and exhibitors want to connect with your audience, and then giving them meaningful opportunities to do so. Our team can help you develop your value proposition, refine your offering, and cultivate relationships with new and existing partners. We can also close the sale.

Value-Based Exhibitor Sales & Sponsorship

AMP helps associations and nonprofit organizations take exhibitor and sponsor relationships from transactional to strategic, going beyond logos on napkins to deliver high-value relationship-building opportunities that move the needle for exhibitors, sponsors and attendees alike. From drafting your first prospectus to retooling a sales funnel and scouting new prospects, our team of experienced sponsorship and sales professionals can help.

Shared Risk, Shared Reward

We share the up-front cost of developing your exhibitor and sponsorship sales program, and then we share in the reward when the deals are signed.

Sponsorship Development

If you’re looking to expand your sponsorship and exhibitor program, we can help you identify new prospects and cultivate relationships that deliver results.

Our Team is Your Team

Our sales professionals reach out to prospects using your brand, and they report back to you regularly with sales pipeline updates.

Sales Automation

AMP is a leader in sales automation, leveraging research, validation and email tools to knock on the right doors and get your ideal prospects to say yes.

Sales Collateral

Our team of experienced marketing professionals can re-envision your prospectus, emails, signage — anything you need to sell more effectively.

Sponsorship Fulfillment

Working together, AMP’s sales and events teams can help you deliver on your promises at your conference, trade show or other event.


Prospecting and Sponsorship Sales

This ambitious association needed a full-service agency to look after sponsorship and exhibit sales, and our unique shared-risk, shared-reward model helped us build and sustain sponsorship growth over the long term.